Sticker Zone Review

After moving in to our home 5 years ago, we had not done any renovation until late last year. Our floor was unfinished. No vinyl in some parts of the house. We had no storage under the stairs nor any kitchen cabinet. No gate. It was livable but still had so much to be done.

Thankfully, after a long discussion and planning with my husband we had agreed to upgrade our house. We couldn’t be any happier with how it turned out. We both felt our house suddenly had space. One room was dedicated as a playroom and another as our office. No more spare room as storage. We were able to maximize the entire space.

After the renovation, it was time for us to decorate the house. One of the things we added were wall stickers or decals. We got ours at Sticker Zone. I have seen this one before but only ordered a couple of months ago. They arrived as promised just in time before we head back to Singapore that week.

 photo P_20170223_132504_1.jpg

It looked overwhelming in the beginning with all the loose parts stuck in one huge pad. But I managed to stick them to the wall on my own with little help from my toddler. However, with the more complicated ones, I had to ask Hubby and my brother in law to do it. 2 rooms done, 2 more stickers to go!

My friend also got a sticker from Lazada and she said it was pretty hard to stick to the wall and it took them hours to have it done successfully. Thankfully, the ones we got are quite manageable.

If you are ever looking into beautifying your homes, try checking out Sticker Zone on Instagram.

Do you have any other tips on how to decorate a house with style?

The Best Ever Matte Lipstick

I am not one of those women who hoard lipsticks. I never owned a boxful of lippy unlike some of my friends. In fact, I just have one at a time. I only buy when the one I use runs out. Yeah, there are still women like that! =D

In the years I learned to put on make up, I only had 3 favorite ones. My first was from my best friend. She didn’t like the shade but thought I would like it and boy I did! I didn’t get used to this dark violet shade from Bench until after 3 more lipsticks from them. After my 4th, I knew I had to move on. I haven’t fallen in love again until I bought a dark brown lipstick from Value Dollar Store. Haha.. I know,  of all places! I unfortunately lost my make up kit in a mall in the city. Vivo City to be exact. This isn’t a mall we frequent so I never got the chance to ask their customer service if they had ever found it in the ladies room. Anyway, I had to move forward and just slowly build my make up kit again. I wasn’t willing to buy an expensive lipstick so I ended up buying one from that dollar store. I just needed one to get by anyway. But no, this isn’t just a replacement lipstick. It ended up being my 2nd favorite lipstick.

And then came a time when my little one started owning my make up kit and I end up losing this lipstick. Again  I wasn’t willing to buy an expensive one because I got one that I thought was amazing but it ended up disappointing me. I will not name the brand. Ugh, I just despise it. Anyway, I found true love in the corners of a tiangge at Festival Mall Alabang (that’s here in the Philippines). I got it for P100 only! Like wow right??? I bragged to my sister about it and she instantly fell in love with it too!

So everytime we find a tiangge, we always look for that brand and that shade. The first I got was Gemini. The the next I got was Scorpio. I liked both.

 photo P_20170214_131420_1.jpg
Here’s why I adore that lippy: 

1. I just got the perfect shade. I super looove it. I am sure gonna buy another one when I see it. It’s pretty hard to find so I want to make sure I have spare!

2. Color stay. Super color stay. I don’t reapply as much as I do with other brands. So I really love it.

3. It’s the only matte lipstick I used that didn’t make my lips crack. I tend to have dry lips so matte lipstick isn’t for me. Oh well, not this one!

 photo P_20170210_124441_BF.jpg

This is me wearing that lipstick.

So….. your turn. What is your favorite lipstick? Care to share?

Crimson Hotel Alabang

Home sweet home is the song of our hearts early February when Hubby finally set foot in the Philippine soil. It had been a whole year of being overseas for him and us going back and forth to Singapore to visit him. My daughter has become a pro at flying and going thru immigration. We were practically on board every single month for the entire 2016!
Well, what better way to celebrate his homecoming than by having a relaxing staycation at a 5 star hotel. This has been our favorite luxury. We have a very simple house. My clothes can fit a small box. We don’t have branded clothes. I only have less than 5 pairs of shoes. Staying at a hotel is really our only luxury.
We initially wanted to catch Ms Universe live at MOA but we weren’t willing to pay the price (literally) nor were we willing to buy a general admission ticket where I would only see Ms Philippines and Pia Wurtzbach from afar. We ended up choosing to watch Ms U from the comforts of Crimson Hotel.

 photo P_20170130_093615_BF.jpg

Here’s what I think about it: 
Price. As always, we booked our stay from This is where we have booked all of our hotel stays. We usually get the cheapest price from them. With this particular stay, we only paid Php3,700 inclusive of the taxes.
Room. It isn’t my favorite. I still love Vivere and my husband Bellevue. But I have no complaints here. It is nice and cozy.
Service. As expected, the staff are courteous and greets us every time we pass by them.
Security. Not all hotels have the kind of security they have. If you stay in the 25th floor, that’s the only floor you can access with your keycard. And if you don’t have the keycard with you, there is no way you can get to any floor!
Overall, we enjoyed our stay. Our daughter of course did not mind tge cold weather at 6 in the morning. She jumped into the pool without reservation.
Verdict: Highly recommended. I am sure we will stay here again.
What is your favorite hotel in Alabang? Have you stayed at Crimson Hotel? What do you think about it? 

Nursing Rooms in the City

Since we come from a far away land, we allot about an hour and a half commute (some walking plus train ride) to the city. And because of this, we have no choice but to either skip her nap or take her naps at the headquarters a.k.a nursing rooms.
When we go to Gymboree, we either nap at Tanglin Mall or we walk towards Orchard Road and take a good nap at Tang Plaza.
Nursing Room at Tanglin Mall. It is a big room with big diaper changing pad, a sink and 2 small nursing rooms with a single but comfortable couch.

Nursing room photo nursing room 2.jpg

Diaper Changing area photo nursing room.jpg

 photo nursing room 3.jpg

The nursing room itself is pretty small but it’s okay as long as it is a closed space and private. The room is found on the 3rd floor beside the Restrooms so it’s quite easy to spot.

Nursing Room at Tang Plaza. I wouldn’t have known there was a nursing room here until I asked. There is not a clue the room was a nursing room until you ask one of the staff. It has a white door with no sign whatsoever. Inside the room is a big couch with 2 pillows and 1 chair. The room is too big. It would have been better if they put curtains to divide the room so that more nursing moms could use the place at a time instead of just one. Also, the music so quite loud! So if you are trying to put your Little One to sleep, you def would have a hard time! Anyway, I still like it because it’s better than nothing, eh?!

Are you still nursing your Little One? Does he/she still do even if you are out?

Gymboree at Tanglin Mall

Yesterday was our last day of free play at Gymboree. I’m sure the Little Girl enjoyed her 5 days of play at Gymboree for the past months. We got a great deal at Groupon for $60 of 5 session free play at either Gymboree Tanglin Mall or Gymboree Harbourfront. That’s about $12 per session. Not bad, I’d say.
Since Natalie loves moving around and jumping up and down, she absolutely enjoyed our Gymboree sessions. One hour seems to just pass by so quickly. We even had an episode yesterday because she didn’t want to leave yet. And when we did, she still wanted to return for another hour. Uhmm..

 photo gymboree 2.jpg

One thing I liked about Gymboree is that they often rearrange the play area so the kids always had something to look forward to. The equipments are mostly the same but since it is often reaaranged, they feel like there is something new each visit.

They also make sure both parents and kids use a hand sanitizer before entering. And kids are taken their temperature to make sure they aren’t feverish when they play.

Gymboree photo gymboree 1.jpg

 photo gymboree 3.jpg

 We will miss our regular trip to Tanglin Mall for sure.