Viviene Bigornia speaks mostly on Personal Development and Entrepreneurship.

Seminars offered:

GAME PLAN FOR SUCCESS. Success is not an accident. It is a byproduct of the things that we do today which impacts the results in the future. In this interactive goal setting seminar, I discuss 3 simple steps on how to achieve not just a personal goal but a common goal for a team or department.

MAXIMUM POTENTIAL. Losers and winners are separated by the thoughts they allow to penetrate their mind. This inspiring talk will discuss the most common limiting beliefs of individuals that is stopping them to achieving greatness and how to overcome them.

DARE TO DREAM BIG. Everything starts with a dream. An Olympian started with a little imagination of being a champion. A successful businessman started with a little vision of creating an enterprise that will change the world. It starts with a dream. This vision boarding seminar is going to open your eyes to what is possible to you or your company.

PUBLIC SPEAKING 101. The way your team represents your company on stage can make or break you. Every employee as an extension of your brand. If you want to make sure you are represented as a strong and dependable brand on stage, this seminar will be of help!

Services Offered: 

  • No sweat, all done for you TEAM BUILDING (including hotel venue, food, land or air transportation, facilitators, etc.)
  • Out of town or out of the country INCENTIVE TRIPS (with or without a seminar)
  • CORPORATE TALKS (with or without venue)
    • Personal Development – motivational talks, goal setting, vision boarding
    • Other topics – public speaking, English fluency, digital marketing

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