The past few days had been very challenging. I am on my last stretch of pregnancy and I would say this isn’t exactly how I imagined it to be. I was often asked how my pregnancy was. Did I have any cravings, issues with my pregnancy, etc. Well, I had none. I always tell them I couldn’t afford to be a needy pregnant mom with a needy toddler! Life goes on…

But these past few days (now on my 3rd trimester) were a different story. Since Tuesday night I’d been feeling strange. I’ve been having irregular contractions that became an intensified pain the following night. We ended up in ER on Thursday and I haven’t been well since. I am on bed rest. Literally just getting up when I needed to pee and eat. Even with that much rest, I still got very sick yesterday with high fever and vomiting.

I felt like being in my toddler’s shoes when she’s sick.

She doesn’t want to take paracetamol.

She doesn’t want to put Koolfever.

She doesn’t want to eat.

She just wants a hug from Mommy.

And yesterday….

I cried while taking paracetamol. I took her syrup with a higher dose coz I don’t have tablets anymore. The texture is too thick and it’s yucky!

I cried and struggled when my husband put a Koolfever on my forehead because it was too cold and uncomfortable.

I refused to eat until after lunch when I felt a little better.

My husband couldn’t leave my side. I just wanted him by my side.

At one point, my husband couldn’t contain it anymore and started laughing at me.


Yeah, now I know how it feels when my daughter is sick and I know I will have more compassion on her when she’s extra clingy. 😄

I know this too shall pass. I could give birth anytime after9 July 7 but I don’t know if we will make it till then.

Your prayers are appreciated!

What was it like for you in the 3rd trimester? 

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