After moving in to our home 5 years ago, we had not done any renovation until late last year. Our floor was unfinished. No vinyl in some parts of the house. We had no storage under the stairs nor any kitchen cabinet. No gate. It was livable but still had so much to be done.

Thankfully, after a long discussion and planning with my husband we had agreed to upgrade our house. We couldn’t be any happier with how it turned out. We both felt our house suddenly had space. One room was dedicated as a playroom and another as our office. No more spare room as storage. We were able to maximize the entire space.

After the renovation, it was time for us to decorate the house. One of the things we added were wall stickers or decals. We got ours at Sticker Zone. I have seen this one before but only ordered a couple of months ago. They arrived as promised just in time before we head back to Singapore that week.

 photo P_20170223_132504_1.jpg

It looked overwhelming in the beginning with all the loose parts stuck in one huge pad. But I managed to stick them to the wall on my own with little help from my toddler. However, with the more complicated ones, I had to ask Hubby and my brother in law to do it. 2 rooms done, 2 more stickers to go!

My friend also got a sticker from Lazada and she said it was pretty hard to stick to the wall and it took them hours to have it done successfully. Thankfully, the ones we got are quite manageable.

If you are ever looking into beautifying your homes, try checking out Sticker Zone on Instagram.

Do you have any other tips on how to decorate a house with style?

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